El Mercado: Gerardo Tovar - 1
On September 29 1996, at the Centro de Artes in San Antonio's Market Square, WAYANAY INKA totally engulfed and enveloped with their music an absorbed and mesmerized audience. Performing with strongly multicolored backlighting they might have been mistaken for discarnate spiritual messengers from another reality had they not shown of being made of flesh and bone when the house lights came on during a lengthy and enthusiastic standing ovation.
El Mercado: Gerardo Tovar - 2
In observance of National Hispanic Heritage Month, the event was sponsored by the City of San Antonio, Market Square. If you want to see and hear WAYANAY INKA live, there are good news: they perform quite frequently outdoors in Market Square. In fact, WAYANAY INKA is so much a part of this two-block island of Hispanic San Antonio that they wish to share it with you through the Web. Call Sonia L. Gaeta (210) 207-8605 for additional information about Market Square.

WAYANAY INKA's Tour of Market Square
Outdoor Stroll: Take an outdoor stroll in sunny Market Square.
Indoor Stroll: See the bright colors of the many shops in Market Square.
Despedida: WAYANAY INKA takes its leave.
If you live in San Antonio, there are no excuses for not showing up in person. If you live elsewhere, you should start some rather serious planning to visit a city that will capture your heart and live in your memories long after you leave.  Los esperamos.
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