Cointelegraph Consulting: Institutions keep Bitcoin’s bull market on track

Volatility and funding rates are increasing, but large BTC holders continue to accumulate.

As the institutional investment narrative continues to develop, chain metrics show that the continuous accumulation of BTCs in large directions is still underway, with a 9% increase in the previous 30 days alone. This was slightly offset by the decrease in directions Bitcoin Blueprint with 10-100 BTCs, indicating that the smaller „whales“ found the opportunity for gains too good to pass up.

Canada’s first public Bitcoin fund reaches $1 billion
The year began with an increase in volatility and trading volume, with BTC setting a new all-time high at $41,941 before falling back below $32,000.

Bitcoin nodes based on Tor are back in operation after a network failure
Cointelegraph Consulting’s latest fortnightly newsletter analyses how futures funding rates are affecting the market. With investors keen to take advantage of Bitcoin’s high prices, funding rates have reached new highs, exposing the market to high risk over leveraged positions.

Fed considers creating a CBDC to combat private sector misuse of money
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