Create Multichain Tokens Easily: Pantos Launches Multichain Token Creator

• Pantos has launched its Multichain Token Creator, allowing users to configure and deploy their own multichain tokens built on top of the Pantos Digital Asset Standard.
• The Token Creator reduces complexity for developers and allows users to enjoy a smoother multichain experience.
• The team will also launch the Pantos Digital Asset Standard (PANDAS) at the upcoming EDCON conference.

Pantos Launches Multichain Token Creator

Pantos, a Multichain Token System developed by Bitpanda, has announced the launch of its Multichain Token Creator. This easy-to-use web app allows users to configure and deploy their own multichain tokens built on top of the Pantos Digital Asset Standard (PANDAS). Developers have the opportunity to configure their base token and download the contract code to extend it with custom functionality.

Benefits for Developers and Users

The Multichain Token Creator provides benefits for both developers and users. For developers, it reduces time and complexity when developing multichain assets, enabling them to launch tokens within minutes. Users can benefit from an enhanced multichain experience due to increased availability of native multichain assets throughout multiple blockchains.

Director’s Statement

Marius Ciortan, Director of Product Engineering at Pantos, commented: “Our Multichain Token Creator is a defining innovation in the blockchain space, offering developers and projects an effortless way to adopt a revolutionary multichain token standard that drives unparalleled cross-chain collaboration and opens up endless possibilities for the future of decentralized technology.“

Upcoming EDCON Conference

At this upcoming EDCON conference, Pantos will be launching PANDAS – its Digital Asset Standard which was created with an aim to provide interoperability between different blockchains as well as enable future scaling solutions such as sharding or sidechains.


Overall, Pantos’s Multichian Token creator provides numerous advantages for both devs and users alike; making it easier than ever before for projects to launch on multiple blockchain networks while allowing users access a smoother multi-chain experience.