„Mad Money“ presenter Jim Cramer: Generational switch to crypto

Times change.

Jim Cramer, host of the popular CNBC show Mad Money, said attitudes toward wealth custody are changing in the younger generations

„I think if my children inherit, they will be uncomfortable with gold and be comfortable with crypto,“ Cramer told Morgan Creek Digital co-founder Anthony Pompliano on a podcast episode . „I am beginning to realize that I may be using a typewriter,“ he said of his potentially outdated way of storing gold.

In the long interview, the mainstream markets expert asked Pompliano some questions about crypto. They also discussed the current state of the US economy in the face of debt and other difficult circumstances. The question also arose as to which assets could serve as a safe means of storing wealth.

„When I look in my inflation manual, it says: Buy gold, buy masterpieces and buy villas,“ said Cramer about the hedging options of his generation. He also talked about how he and his wife had chosen real estate as protection. „What is not in this manual is Bitcoin Profit,“ said Cramer.

Cramer put crypto and gold on the same level: „You have to have one or the other.“

„We are on a collision course. I have a good feeling about gold. But I think it makes perfect sense to include crypto in this manual,“ said Cramer, given the current economic uncertainty.

A few days ago, Pompliano announced the conversation with Cramer and said he had convinced the CNBC moderator to invest in Bitcoin. During the broadcast, Cramer said he had no problem keeping 1 percent of his assets in crypto.